Troubled Teen Options

What do I do if my child keeps talking about running away from home?

A street smart teen could stay away from home for months. A troubled teen that is threatening to run away can cause a parent many sleepless nights. In most cases the teen will stay in familiar places with friends and relatives. Friends and relatives will more than likely contact the parents of the runaway teen and his welcome will soon be worn out forcing him to return home. There are teens however that know how to live on the streets. The street-smart teen can stay away for quite a while without coming home. The so called street-smart teen is more at risk than the previous teen we discussed. Many parents are forced to seek placement for their child in teen boot camps, boarding schools, and other specialty schools for troubled teens. Trying to help a teen troubled with a defiant attitude is tough, but trying to keep him or her from running away is much more difficult. In the course of the day teens are faced with severe peer pressure to act, dress, and perform like their friends. There are boot camps for troubled teens that have developed programs to reverse the negative peer pressure into what is commonly known as positive peer pressure. This method can be quite effective for most youth.

What is meant by a downward spiral?

Is my teen in a spiral downward? A teen that is moving in a negative direction or headed for trouble is often times referred to as "in a downward spiral". This phrase basically means that the teen seems to have lost control, and if no drastic change is made he will probably end up dead or in jail. Boot camps for troubled teens are filled with young people that have negatively been affected by peer pressure and other poor choices including negative friends. A teen that is in a negative spiral downward will usually not be a candidate for a traditional boarding school. They are better suited for a teen boot camp or some other highly structured setting. If you need help for a teen troubled with misbehavior it would be wise to consult with someone who helps find schools for troubled teens for a living. It is also a good idea to visit any school that you are considering to make sure that you are comfortable with it. You may also want to investigate what kind of ongoing seminars or parent support groups will be required. Some parents are surprised to find that in order for their child to graduate from a program that they must also participate.