Troubled Teen Options

Troubled Teen Converted

Phil Crouse was a troubled teen who went through a dramatic spiritual conversion. Crouse attended the Hodos Teen Church at the Peters Creek Christian Center. Hereís what his family said about his transformation: ďHe laid down his turmoil. His snarl relaxed or turned to an impish grin. He traded his heavy metal drumming for a praise band. Ö The transformation was as complete as it was remarkable.Ē Tragedy hit this past Sunday. The now 24-year-old was killed when a gunman fired shots Sunday at the Youth With a Mission dormitory in a Denver suburb.

Phil Had a Hard Life

His parents divorced and his mom remarried and moved to Alaska. He didnít move but lived with families at the church. He decided he wanted to be a missionary and was training to do that. Thatís what eventually brought him to Colorado. The family also said this: ďIt is ironic that a young man who had once sparked fear that he might commit violence, but now working to carry to others the light and peace of salvation from all that turmoil, should die at the hands of another troubled young man. Though the loss of one with such joy and promise is an enormous shock to his family, there is also a profound peace in knowing that Phil had found peace, that he was serving, in love, a cause that he believed in with all his heart - that he is with the Lord.Ē Iím sure all parents of troubled teens hope theirs goes through an experience that transforms them. This is a triumph for sure, but unfortunately it didnít have a happy ending. (unknown source) By Angie Driskill