Troubled Teen Options

Teens Are Vulnerable to Depression

“My logical side said I did everything I could, but my emotional side said, ‘No, I’m his mom. I should have done more,’ ” Sumrow said. Troubled teens are known to be vulnerable to depression. But depression is insidious, winding it’s darkness through a persons heart and mind, unbeknownst to even those closest to them. In fact, some teenagers may completely conceal any emotional trauma from their parents, appearing not the least bit troubled.

Suicide a Terrible Surprise

“The community was stunned 10 years ago when Beth Harrington, a gregarious teen entering her junior year… took her life. Repeatedly, her mother… heard people say, “No, not Beth.” “They couldn’t imagine someone like her taking her life,” she recalled. Beth, who died June 11, 1997, was a good student who had taken several honors courses, was active in a church group and had many friends. No one would ever have considered putting Beth and suicide together in the same sentence. While some teens and adults show signs of deep depression and suicidal thoughts, Beth didn’t…She and her husband talked with Beth and her brother about smoking, alcohol and drugs, but never broached the issues of depression and suicide. Now, they are trying to change the discussions that parents, teaches and community leaders have with children.” (unknown source)

Programs for Troubled Teens Can Help

Programs for troubled teens focus primarily on harm reduction, educating troubled teenagers and their parents about drugs and alcohol. However, suicide is reported as being the leading cause of death for college students and the third leading cause of death for 15-24 year olds. Parents simply must be alert to the possibility and take appropriate steps if they suspect that their teen is struggling. By Ann Walker