Troubled Teen Options

Troubled Teen Predators

Just as a pack of wolves will surround vulnerable victims, waiting for a chance to attack, so do predators surround troubled teens, waiting for a chance to get them hooked. Wherever there are students, they are surrounded by drug dealers very intent on making them regular customers. The predators are also known as gangs, and gangs are looking for the revenue stream that emanates from school and college campuses. “Universities, in terms of the parties, are (a) huge business in chemical drugs, ecstasy, so-called club drugs,” he said. “Who’s selling those drugs? You’re going to have gang members.” Although gangs don’t flash their presence like they used to, for those who know what to look for it’s not hard to find signs of their activity, he said. Just watch a local high school parking lot when classes empty out, a crowded mall or bus station and you can find someone with gang affiliations trying to sell drugs, Chettleburgh said.


“Where you have youth congregating, you’re going to have some kind of gang activity.” “Unfortunately, those who supply teen age drug abuse also are promulgating the disturbing “No Snitching” taboo - the current rubric that demands silence from the ‘hood. “But gang activity around schools is not something kids are willing to tell their teachers or parents about, said Rick Osborne, a former gang member who spent 23 years in prisons before turning his life around. He now tries to steer teens away from similar mistakes. “‘Don’t snitch, don’t rat’ is one of the most insidious things creeping into schools right now,” said Osborne, to the agreement of several women in the crowd who said they were high school teachers.” (unknown source) By Ann Walker