Troubled Teen Options

How to Make a Troubled Teen

One way for parents to avoid having troubled teens is for them to take care not to create spoiled teens. Certainly this present generation of baggy pants, iPods, tattoos, and MTV has an extreme case of entitlement blues, absolutely certain that their rights are being violated if they are denied what they want. Employers complain of Gen-Xers making truculent childish demands while being unwilling to comply with the requirements of the job. There are many overindulged teens who are stunned when they finally end up in brat camps or some other program. If kids are never denied anything, they will not know how to cope when the real world says no. If they never suffer the consequences of their mistakes, they will claim to be persecuted when life hands them results that their parents can’t protect them from. Sometimes the best teen help is when they get no help at all.

Parental Responsibilities

“Your primary job as a parent is to prepare your child for how the world really works. In the real world, you don’t always get what you want. You will be better able to deal with that as an adult if you’ve experienced it as a child.” “If your parent/child relationship is based on material goods, your child won’t have the chance to experience unconditional love.” “Be a good role model. “We’re not the only influence in our kids’ lives, so we better be the best influence,” says Dr. Phil.” Your child does not have to love you every minute of every day. He’ll get over the disappointment of having been told “no.” But he won’t get over the effects of being spoiled. (Dr. Phil) By Ann Walker