Troubled Teen Options

Positive Music

Music can transmit good messages as powerfully as it transmits the messages of destruction coming from the pop and rap scene. Troubled teens find refuge in music and any music that sends an uplifting, life loving message is like a breath of fresh air. So even though popular cultural sneers at Christian rock, don’t dismiss either it’s power or, as a matter of fact, it’s polish. As a music genre it has come a long way since it’s infancy and offers a stable of artists as accomplished, if not more so, than their hip hop counterparts. At least they are not calling your daughter “hoes”.

Christian rock is also an effective tool in teen crisis intervention.

“The reason I care is I’ve experienced heartache and hardship in my life,” he said. “(I want to let them know) God loves them, and if I get an opportunity to tell them that, that’s good; if not, if all we do is play cards and drink a soda, that’s fine too.” These days, Moore has found another way to reach kids through Blue Sky Productions — a youth ministry that seeks to bridge the gaps in generations and faith through the power of music. “I love music, I’ve always been into music, even before I was a Christian,” Moore said. “So I follow music closely, and I think it’s an excellent vehicle to share and get people to open up.” “One thing I stress is, ‘come as you are, be who you are,’” he said. “You’re not going to offend me, you’re not going to surprise me, either. Where these kids have been, I’ve been there, too.” (unknown source) By Ann Walker