Troubled Teen Options

All Girls Boarding Schools

All girls’ boarding schools are a good option for a troubled teen girl that will not deal well with a co-ed setting. Some of the reasons to consider an all girls boarding school are listed below:

* Sexually abused or traumatized

* Boy crazy

* Sexually active

* Easily distracted by boy’s

* Need of feminine leadership or mentoring

* More comfortable in the safety of the same sex

Some co-ed programs will try to keep the boys and girls separated, but this may not be as appropriate as the single sex program. The single sex program is not the best option for every student, but it can be the best placement for many girls. If you are concerned about a daughter or any young lady in your life, give us a call.

Abused Girls in all Girls Schools

If a girl has been sexually abused, an all girl placement will almost always be the best placement. A girl that has been sexually traumatized by a male will typically feel more comfortable in the presence of, and under the direction of women. The devastation created by sexual abuse might take a lifetime to overcome. The abuse may never be totally forgotten, the best hope is that the abuse can be dealt with and minimized to allow the young lady a chance to lead a normal life. Girls in all girls programs are more likely to feel safe and unthreatened in a same sex setting than a co-ed school. There is therapy available in most all girl schools that can assist them with any abuse issues they may be struggling with. Usually a girl struggling with abuse issues will be open to counseling. There of course are always exceptions to the rule and there are abused girls that won’t participate in any type of therapy. It would be safe to say that a girl will be much more likely to deal with issues of abuse with the help of a trained counselor.