Troubled Teen Options

Military Schools

In the past, Military Schools and Boot Camps were thought of as options for troubled teens. Military Schools are designed for teens that want a career in the military. The schools are usually based on and run much like a military base. Every cadet will learn to treat superiors with respect in addition the cadet will also usually do a lot of calisthenics for any misbehavior. The cadets will receive rank advancement as they work their way through the process. Cadets who graduate from Military Schools will usually be granted a higher rank if they go on to serve in the United States Military. This can be an advantage, as not only do they have a higher rank but they will usually make more money. For a boy or girl that has any interest in the military this type of placement is the clear choice for them.

Military Schools Intolerance

The downside to placement in a Military School for a troubled teen is the intolerance for misbehavior Military Schools have. If a teen has issues with defiance, misbehavior, or substance abuse a Military School will not be the best option. The teens enrolled in a military school have a lot of freedom. The cadets are usually allowed to visit nearby towns on the weekends, giving them access to purchase drugs or alcohol. Any negative behavior in a Military School is handled quickly and severely. If a cadet is caught breaking the rules of the school, there are several results that can happen. If the rule broken is a minor one, the cadet may be required to write and essay he may lose off campus privileges or something similar to this. When the cadet breaks major campus rules or becomes totally defiant they may be asked to leave the Military School. This is problematic in that many Military Schools charge tuition in advance and they have a no refund policy. The parents lose all of the tuition paid. For this reason a Military School is not the best option for a defiant troubled teen.