Troubled Teen Options

Residential Treatment Center

Residential Treatment Centers can be an effective option for a troubled teen. There are several factors to consider when considering a Residential Treatment Center. Typically a Residential Treatment Center is more equipped to deal with a teen that has a severe drug addiction. If a teen is likely to experience drug withdrawals, a Residential Treatment Center is the best option. A teen with a serious drug addiction will need to deal with their addiction prior to placement in a troubled teen program. There are some Residential Treatment Centers that deal with troubled teens but they are fairly pricey.

What is an RTC?

The acronym for Residential Treatment Center is RTC. The reason RTC’s run more than other troubled teen options is because of all of the professional staff employed there. The requirements differ from state to state, some will require a Dr. or Nurse on site. Others may require a facility to have other professionals on staff including Psychologist, and or Psychiatrists. RTC’s usually start in price around $5,000 per month and go up from there. One advantage of an RTC is the possibility that a person’s insurance company may cover all or part of the stay. Most insurance companies have changed their benefits and reduced the psychological coverage benefits.

Residential Treatment Centers and Medication

One benefit of an RTC is the ability they have to administer medication. If a teen is in need of a prescription to help them overcome an addiction, they will be able to receive medication to help them do so. This is possible in a troubled teen boarding school, but it will require some outside medical assistance. Another benefit would be medication evaluation of what they may be taking, or the addition of a new medication to assist them. For example, if a teen has been self medicating or using drugs or alcohol, they may be using them to assist them with a depression or anxiety issue.