Troubled Teen Options

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic boarding schools are an effective option especially for a troubled teen that has issues that need to be dealt with. Not all boarding schools for troubled teens offer therapy as part of their program. Many parents are disappointed when they try therapy with their troubled teen before they send them to a program and it doesn’t work. One reason that therapy may not work prior to placement might be due to the lack of cooperation with the teen. Therapy in a troubled teen program will usually work better than therapy prior to placement. This is due in part to the teen being placed in a situation that he is not longer in control of. When a teen is taken out of his or her comfort zone they are much more teachable. Another contributing factor is the experience of the Therapist working exclusively with troubled teens. Like anything a specialist deals with one type of situation. This specialized Therapist is usually able to more clearly see through manipulation than a Therapist dealing with all types of people.

Therapy in Troubled Teen Programs

Most Therapeutic Programs have therapy included in the price of tuition. The therapy usually consists of one individual session per week and possibly some group therapy through out the week. In most states there is no set formula or standard for Therapeutic Programs regarding minimum sessions that need to be held to be considered a therapeutic program. The standards regarding who can administer therapy differ from state to state also. It is wise to research the credentials of the person that will be administering the therapy for your child. In conclusion therapy requires a voluntary participant. Therapy may not have worked prior to program placement. Even though therapy is administered in a program and because it can be more effective in a program, does not mean that a Therapeutic Program is the answer. There are teens that will still refuse to totally cooperate with therapy even in a Therapeutic Program.