Troubled Teen Options

Troubled Teen Disorder

Has your teen been given a diagnosis you have never heard of? We have heard that there are schools today that require some students to be put on Ritalin or they will not be allowed to attend school. Like many mandated policies there may have initially been some logic behind this policy. This is similar to assuring that children's rights are not taken away. They are both highly debated and the heat on either side of the issue can be immense. Teen Disorders range from Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Teen Conduct Disorder, Teen Depression, to Teen Substance Abuse. Each case is unique and it is not fair to make blanket statements or to arm chair quarterback what the Physicians are diagnosing our youth with. Time would be better spent trying to find the best kind of help for them. Regardless of the diagnosis or the lack thereof our children need help.


As plentiful as the list of diagnosis are for youth the list of medications for treating them is also vast. If you have questions about the medications that a counselor at school or your Dr. may want to give to your child, take some time and research them on the Internet. You may also have your Dr. explain the side effects of any medication he is recommending, and any alternative solutions.