Troubled Teen Options

Girls Boarding Schools

Girls’ boarding schools for troubled teens will have an above average percentage of girls suffering from depression. What isn’t discussed in public school education very often is the reason so many girls experience depression, typically leading to the drug abuse or destructive behavior that derails their lives. To do so would call into question much of which is considered the gospel on sexual education. And the girls are not alone. “According to a new study by The Heritage Foundation, premarital sex is one of the leading causes of depression among teens. Sexually active girls are 4X more likely to struggle with depression, boys are 3X more likely. The study also observed a correlation in teen suicide rates and sexual activity showing those who are sexually active are 2-3X more likely to attempt suicide.”

Sex Education in Public Schools

Current trends have led to the schools mandating a sexual curriculum that fails to take into consideration not only the parent’s wishes, but fails to provide the entire picture. They advocate sexual “freedom” without ever mentioning the price that is ultimately paid. “Growing up watching the 80’s Brat Pack, sex was all smiles and laughs. No one ever talked about the next day, much less the coming weeks and months after the fling was over. When I look, twenty years later, at teens today the message or practice hasn’t changed much. Sure we’ve added “STDs are dangerous” and “Be responsible” to our glib messages but we still say little of one of the greatest dangers — the immediate and long term emotional effects on one’s self.” (Unknown Source) By Ann Walker