Troubled Teen Options

Teen Girl Abstinence

Mental health counselors at girl’s schools for troubled teens can attest to the emotional havoc that early sexual experiences can bring to a young girl’s life. That sexual encounter can possibly result in disease or pregnancy is understood. Less discussed is the emotional trauma and resulting bad behavior that young girls struggle with when acting out sexually. It is not news that a broken heart can lead to teen drug abuse and drinking problems as teens’ grapple with emotions that they aren’t prepared to deal with. What doesn’t seem to get any traction, and indeed, meets with a great deal of resistance is the suggestion that teens would do well to value abstinence. Even so, such programs are available if parents wish to encourage their teens to delay sex until they are emotionally and psychologically mature enough to deal with it. “Silver Ring Thing is a multi-media traveling abstinence program that has not only impacted the states but also received international attention in places like South Africa and Europe. Organizers said the program shows teens the big picture about abstinence and allows them to make informed decisions.


A ton of teens showed up at Albert Lea High School on Sunday evening to learn about the Silver Ring Thing. It’s national program that started as a grassroots idea between a pastor and nine students. The program even offers a session for parents. Relaying cold hard facts about STD’s and teen pregnancy. But it’s more about reaching the teens and to make a lasting impression on the nano-second attentions span generation, the multi-media event uses high tech equipment, the latest teen culture crazes, and testimonies.” (Unknown source) By Ann Walker