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Troubled Teen Program In Canada

Troubled teens in Canada, even when they are ready to break free from their addictions, have had to face a dearth of available accommodations in existing drug rehab facilities. “A great barrier to B.C. youths wishing to free themselves from drug and alcohol addictions has been the almost total lack of long-term treatment facilities available to them. Across the province, only 158 out of a total of 1,038 treatment beds are exclusively for young people. And even these are limited to detox and short-stay patients.” Parents in Canada face the same battles against teen drug abuse and crime that Americans are fighting, but not with quite the resources and available programs that America offers. Concerned citizens in Canada have taken a step in changing that by proposed long term facility. “Seven years ago, prompted by a radio interview he had heard, lawyer Peter Spencer told colleagues at the Central City Foundation, a 100-year-old Vancouver charity, that “something had to be done” about the growing problem of teenage addictions.


Within a year, the foundation had acquired for around $500,000 the former Similkameen Adventure Ranch, a 23-hectare spread near Keremeos. The foundation will be seeking $6 million to rebuild the site in time for a scheduled opening next summer. It’s a fundraising campaign we urge all to support. Health Minister George Abbott has already shown commendable good sense in committing the provincial government to paying the operating costs of about $2.4 million a year. At the outset, the centre will have accommodations for around 42 people, girls and boys aged from 14 to 24. To qualify, they must be able to show a willingness to fight their addictions and be prepared to spend from six months to a year in residence.” (unknown source) By Ann Walker