Troubled Teen Options

Lack Of Teen Programs In Some Cities

“The vision for Spirit Quest,” James Sessoms said, “came from discussions of local business owners concerned about the lack of safe and healthy activities for our youth in the Monroe area.” That is how programs for troubled teens start. It seems some of the most innovative and effective campaigns for troubled teenagers issue straight from the hearts of concerned, private citizens. And any program that can survive without government funding needs the support of an appreciative community. “James Sessoms, the director, says the Restoration Center is evolving into the Spirit Quest Community Center. Life is a journey, and young people are just beginning their individual spiritual journeys. New programs are being introduced that focus on finding life’s purpose and setting goals for that purpose.”


Not only new programs but concerts, basketball tournaments, Playstation and Xbox tournaments and a new place to hang out that offers an internet cafe, video games, pool tables, Foosball, air hockey, and a 61? TV for major sporting events. Popsicle McClendon and Bobby Maske, neighborhood teens, recently were taking advantage of the pool table and later trying most of the other games, including air hockey, Foosball, arcade games and the flat screen TV for Xbox and Playstation. When asked what he thought of Spirit Quest, Popsicle said, “real good. What guy wouldn’t like playing with these things?” Bobby added, “My friends would all have fun together here.” (unknown source) This is how it is done. Individual initiative, concerned citizens, local business support - the result; a place where teens can be inspired to build their lives. It’s hard to say how many teens’ lives will be changed just by having something like this available By Ann Walker