Troubled Teen Options

Teen Programs Using Music

It is understood that music is a powerful agent for change, both for good and ill. Why not convert that power to heal troubled teenagers? It’s not a new idea but there are more and more programs for troubled teens that use music as their foundation and they are doing some very effective work. ‘A call has gone out for local musicians to help young people in conflict with the law. Ostara Webcasting and Production Studios is working with the local organization, Kids in Conflict Music Intervention Program, to produce a compilation compact disc of local music, with proceeds from its sale going to the program. The CD will feature local bands that want to lay down tracks to help kids in conflict stay on the right track, said Joel Mackey, the driving force behind Kids in Conflict.

Some Teens Dont Have Access To Musical Instruments

“The goal of the program is to allow young offenders free access to musical equipment with the assistance and instruction from seasoned musicians,” said Mackey, whose regular occupation is in the court system.’ (unknown source) Teens do not tend to destroy what they value and love. When a teen discovers their talents and abilities, they finally start learning how to love themselves. More than that, they come to believe in and plan for their future. Programs like these not only serve the teenager, but they serve to remind us all of the inestimable loss of talent that teens lost to drugs and gangs represent. By Ann Walker