Troubled Teen Options

Sexual Drama and Trauma

Indulging in sexual experimentation at far too young an age, the resulting emotional trauma and family disconnect, and then, the attempt to escape it all with drugs. Those steps could easily take a teen girl down the road that would ultimately lead her to a brat camp or enrolled in a boarding school for troubled teens. Now a new study out suggests that the triggering event that can start a young girl down that destructive path is verbal abuse from a teacher. “Girls, generally, are a bit more oriented towards social relationships and suffer more if these social relationships go sour.” Researchers found children at elementary school who were shouted at, harshly criticized or embarrassed by teachers in the classroom had an increased risk of early sexual intercourse. These students often disengaged from normal expectations and many turned to generalized delinquency…(Often) it’s the same children who are delinquent, who take drugs who also engage in risky sexual behavior…”


Whether or not sexual promiscuity and adventurism can be attributed to verbal abuse by teachers, humiliation can make a teen abject and puppy-like when someone pays them a kindness. Too often teenage girls feel compelled to repay that kindness with sex that they are emotionally unprepared to process. The results are rarely beneficial to the teen. “Sexually active girls under 14 are more at risk of having multiple partners, which increases their chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or becoming pregnant…Brendgen said some girls used sexual intercourse to give their battered self esteem a lift. “Basically, it’s a similar experience that they have from the teachers as they have from peers, in the sense that they are really publicly humiliated and exposed,” she said.” (Brendgen) By Ann Walker