Troubled Teen Options

Teens And Ritalin

How common is the abuse of prescription drugs? It is not uncommon to receive a call from a parent that is wondering if their at risk youth may be abusing their prescription for ADD or ADHD. Parents have told us that their children are crushing and snorting their Ritalin. There are also parents wondering why their prescriptions are disappearing. Teen drug abuse can also include prescription theft and abuse. The value of some prescriptions on the street may surprise you. When it comes to abuse substance treatment, options can range from a residential treatment center to a juvenile boot camp style placement depending on the severity of the abuse. Whether your problem is teen drinking or a much more severe for of substance abuse it is important to find exactly how frequently your teen is getting high. It can be difficult to do but a vigilant parent can determine much about their teen's secret life by becoming more involved in their daily life.

It's not the same pot you got high on as a teen

Marijuana has gotten more potent over the last few decades Research tells us that the marijuana smoked by our troubled teens today is much more potent than that smoked 20 or even 30 years ago. The THC content in 1977 was about 3%. In a study done in 1997 the THC content had risen to almost 13%. This form of teen drug abuse, has led to many at risk youth being placed in juvenile boot camps, brat camps, and specialty schools. Many parents who smoked pot as a teen are falsely secure thinking that a little pot smoking never hurt them why worry if their teen smokes a little weed? A study done in 1999 revealed that more teens were in treatment for marijuana abuse than for any other drug including alcohol. These substance abuse statistics are the reason for the abuse substances treatment programs in existence today. With at risk youth using this dangerous new breed of marijuana even teen drinking pales in comparison to the pot abuse of today. This type of behavior and conduct disorder can not go unchecked.