Troubled Teen Options

Stories are powerful

Stories are powerful. Long before the advent of “instant communication” stories had the power to carry a people’s history and identity. Stories were told of bravery, war, victories and defeat. Stories held the traditional values and moral tenets of the society. Mankind has always told stories. Power to You presents programs for troubled teens that are designed to empower them. Through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and mentors, Power to You travels throughout Utah in the hopes of inspiring teens with their stories. “Power in You” is a campaign that focuses on the emotional aspect of life-challenges and at-risk behavior in order to bring hope to teens and encourage them to fulfill their life and educational potential.

We Hope to Uplift the Teens of Utah

“We hope to uplift the teens of Utah and give them an inspirational message to rise above the challenges many face every day and to see the potential they have…” The campaign consists of mentors who volunteer their time and effort to visit different junior high and high schools to sponsor assemblies where they share their stories of hardship and success. “We want kids to know they are not alone in this, and there are others that have had the same problems and have come out on the other side of things by giving back to the community and serving,” said Mary Bangerter, executive director of the Power in You program. Rappers reach teens at risk with stories of drugs, violence, and ho’s. Movie makers reach teens with stories that glorify drugs and sex. So why can’t teens also hear encouraging stories that celebrate life. By Ann Walker