Troubled Teen Options

What happens to my child when he returns from a boarding school?

How difficult is the transition from a structured setting to home life? One question many parents have is how will my child do returning home from a teen boot camp? For a troubled teen returning home from a boarding school or boot camp can be a scary event. Most have made the changes they need to and afraid that they might not have the courage to stand up to their negative friends. No matter what kind of teen help you are trying to provide for your child, from substance abuse to defiant behavior the transition period back into home life is a difficult one. Successful programs have options in place to assist with the transition into home life. One important part of the equation is some type of help for he entire family. It is difficult to believe that you could send a child home into the exact same circumstances and expect any kind of success. Teen evaluations should be done on an ongoing basis to assure the successful transition into home life. Some Christian boarding schools feel that they have a better chance because of the religious component that is easily carried home. Military schools are effective but sometimes when the structure stops so does the appropriate behavior.

Why does my teen seem so angry all of the time?

An angry unhappy teen can cause a parent plenty of grief Many people wonder why the youth of today are so angry and upset with the way things are going for them. Some people think that the youth of today are just a little too entitled. Children are taught from 1st grade up that they have rights and privileges that others can not take away. Some youth fail to listen to the other half of the lesson, the part that there are responsibilities that accompany those rights. Dr.'s and school officials sometimes look for a diagnosis and medication for this inappropriate entitlement issue. Labels like oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, attention deficit disorder, and ADD are commonly thrown out as the reason a youth may be angry or unhappy. A child that understands the responsibilities associated with freedoms seem to be well adjusted and for the most part happy with their life. The question seems to be how do we get the spoiled little children with negative attitudes to accept the fact that they are the one in control of their happiness? Some boarding schools and boot camps accomplish this by taking the majority or rights away from the child, creating appreciation for what they have.