Troubled Teen Options

Does My Teen Need to Go to a Specialty School?

How do I know if my troubled teen should be placed in a Specialty School? The term specialty school is a relatively new term in comparison to terms like, private school, alternative school, boarding school, or military school. We believe that this term has become popular due in part to the fact that there is an increase in the need for additional types of troubled teen help. The youth program industry seems to be booming today with boot camps and specialty schools springing up everywhere. Specialty school can mean anything from a school for aspiring chiefs to the type related to in this article designed for troubled teens. Most specialty schools are located in states where laws still enable parents to exercise their parental rights with their children. In a recent search for the phrase "boarding school teen troubled" we found 1,100,000 options for a parent to choose from. This confirms that fact that there are many options for parents seeking teen help.

Does my child need to be placed in a Residential Treatment Center?

What is the difference between a Residential Treatment Center and a Boarding School? The term Residential Treatment Center in the troubled teen industry usually means a more clinical type setting and a staff consisting of more medical and psychological professionals. This is good if the child has psychiatric conditions and needs this type of placement. There is a downside to placing a child that is just defiant and unruly in a Residential Treatment Center rather than an Alternative School, a Private School, Military School or Boot Camp. The child my be put in with children that are experiencing suicidal thoughts, and even making attempts to take their own lives. The child who never had suicidal thoughts prior to the RTC placement sees the power of a suicide threat, and can add this to their list of ways to manipulate their parents. Another drawback to placing a troubled teen in an RTC rather than a more appropriate Youth Program type of teen help facility is that they will usually gravitate to their surroundings and environment. If they are placed in a situation with teens with worse behaviors they have the possibility of learning new inappropriate behaviors.