Troubled Teen Options

What does the term at risk youth mean?

How can a parent know if their teen is at risk? The phrase "at risk youth" is synonymous with troubled teen or defiant child. The behaviors that are usually displayed by an at risk youth usually include, teen drinking, substance abuse, defiance, out of control behavior, negative friends, and failing in school. In some cases a defiant youth is said to have conduct disorder.

There are some that say that conduct disorder is really just an out of control child that needs more discipline. Others will medicate their child to help them learn to control themselves. If you have a teen that is in need of abuse substance treatment or just in need of more structure and discipline you may be in need of a juvenile boot camp or some other type of placement. This can be a stressful difficult choice to make if you are in need of help please call Teen Options they can help 800 781 8081.

What options are available for a teen with a substance abuse problem?

Are there substance abuse facilities for teens? Finding help for an at risk youth with a substance abuse problem can be a difficult task. There are many types of juvenile boot camps and boarding schools available but how can a parent find one that has a drug component also? Many parents looking for abuse substances treatment type programs have difficulty finding one that will take a teen with a conduct disorder or a behavior problem. There are plenty of schools and camps that take defiant youth but not all are able to take a teen with a serious drug problem. There are hospitals for teen drinking and teen substance abusers but most will not take a child that does not want to be there. We believe that teen drug abuse is a growing problem in the country today. Many students that are admitted into boarding schools and boot camps are much more involved in the drug scene than their parents realize. The truth is many schools are just not equipped to handle both types of problems. It would be wise to find a school that has a drug and alcohol counselor on staff when seeking placement for a troubled teen.