Troubled Teen Options

Programs for troubled teens

If you have a troubled teen, you are probably looking for answers and direction. You've probably tried to learn all the possible options for helping your teen overcome problems that have become so out of control that you can no longer live with them.

Troubled teens are going through more than the normal growing pains adolescence. They are often more secretive, have greater mood swings and are defiant. Rules are ignored and your teen may begin taking drugs, stealing, and other behaviors that are distressing to parents.

Most states have listings of programs for troubled teens. We have information to help guide parents and families also. You are not the first, nor the last family, that has dealt with these difficult challenges. No parent wishes to see their child go through drug abuse, self-esteem problems, anger, and other problems. But not taking action or not taking serious actions quickly enough can bring disastrous results including suicide.

Cost of Programs for Troubled Teens

Cost is definitely a consideration and sometimes a burden on families. That's why there are grants and assistance available. However, the long-term costs of not getting help for your troubled teen can often be more devastating.

We know that the stress can be very hard on people and ultimately can tear families apart. If your teenager's behavior is destructive you must take action and find a program that can help. You've most likely tried other ways to intervene and but still have the same challenges.

Here is a list of programs for troubled teens:

  • Boarding schools: There are many different types of boarding schools available. Basically they are live-in school designed to help troubled teens get through school with extra structure and support. They spend the entire school year away.
  • Military schools: These are usually more regimented and discipline-focused schools that operate in military style but are still academic.
  • Residential treatment centers: These are physical locations where teens live on-site and they are focused on treatment for problems and not academics.
  • Wilderness programs: Your teenager or child will be supervised through a long-term and rigorous outdoor program with trained staff and therapists. There is more isolation and less opportunity to get into trouble. The outdoors can be a powerful teacher when there is nowhere to run.
  • Boot camps: A boot camp is often a shorter troubled teen program designed to teach discipline. They are physically rigorous.