Troubled Teen Options

Teen Babysitting

A great way for teens to make a little extra money is through babysitting. There are always people looking for a qualified babysitters to watch their children so they can have a little time away from home. For a teen baby sitter to be successful, we have complied a list of suggestions to consider.

* Like working with children

* Be prepared

* Be conscientious

* Be responsible

* Be timely

A Good Babysitter Likes Children

In order to be successful as a babysitter you must like children. Not every teen likes kids. If you don’t like kids, babysitting is not the best job for you. A good babysitter requires a lot of patience and preparation to be successful. Tending for someone else is different than tending your siblings. A good way to determine if you have what it takes to be a good babysitter, is to evaluate how you do when you take care of your siblings. If you are able to successfully manage things at home when your parents are gone, you may be able to baby sit for others.

A Good Babysitter Should come Prepared

A good babysitter needs to plan ahead. Some babysitters have a little box or carrying case they carry with them when they arrive to baby sit. Some items that could be included in the babysitter’s kit could include: Crayons Coloring books Games Puzzles Easy age appropriate activities If the babysitter will take a little time in preparation prior to their arrival, they will have a much easier job. The babysitter who arrives with a plan to keep the children occupied will find that the time they are on the job will fly by quickly. The side benefit is that the children being cared for will request the babysitter the next time their parents leave. A little preparation can go a long way to maximize a successful babysitting session. A good babysitter should also have a list of emergency numbers readily available. The list should include a way to get in touch with the children’s parents. A 911 type number if 911 isn’t available where they are. Fire department, ambulance numbers etc should be readable accessible.

Babysitting and Having Friends Over

A good babysitter will have enough respect for the family they are working for that they will not have friends over. When a babysitter invites friends to the house they are babysitting at, they are asking for trouble. The parents have entrusted their most prize possessions to the babysitter. When the babysitter invites friends to her babysitting job, her focus changes from babysitter to social teen. The children in her care could suffer.